Raise up Mums Community  

A free Facebook community for non judgemental support, sharing the real (and often pretty messy) side of motherhood and for finding tools to thrive despite its chaos and relentlessness. Realistic and actionable things to make you feel stronger (physically and mentally) more resilient, calmer, more in control, healthier and happier. Small steps to take every day to create a kick ass mothering version of the pre-child you. 

Everything I share are things that I have found helpful myself in battling PND, anxiety and overwhelm.

I'm super proud and thrilled to have built such a thriving and positive community and I'd love to see you there


I have met many amazing women who are passionate about maternal wellbeing (pre and post natal) through the work I do. Here is a list of them, that I hope will act like a "one stop shop" of services that you might need in pregnancy and beyond. These are all women who I have met, worked with, or benefited from using their services. 
If you would like to see anything else on the list or are looking for something you can't see below, please get in touch and I'll see if I can help. 

Anna Bayati - The Hynobirthing Midwife 
Charlotte Tonkin - The Good Birth Practice 

Antenatal Classes
Anna Hayes - Daisy Birthing Tunbridge Wells  
Ella Edkins - Daisy Birthing Tonbridge

Womens Health Physio
Aishling Burke - Tonbridge Clinic and other locations

Birth Trauma Resolution
Anne Bayati - Anne Bayati Hypnotherapy 

Ad Hoc Childcare / Nannies
Hazel Richardson - East Green Childcare

Sleep Consultants
Katie Palmer - Infant Sleep Consultants

New Parent and Baby support / Post Natal Doula
Sarah Buchan-Tigere

Pediatric First Aid
Nicola Glover - Daisy First Aid 

Massage - Pre and Post Natal, as well as ScarWork
Silke Thistlewood (that's me!) - The Massage Practice

Claire Terry - Tonbridge Osteopath

Kingdom Yoga 

Suzi Bennett (pelvic floor and abdominal separation specialist) - Suzi Bennett Pilates 

Mindfulness and Meditation
Nikki Wilson - Ten of Zen

Personal Training (Pre and Post Natal Specialists) 
Suzi Rae - SunRay Fitness and Nutrition
Lucy McLean - Lucy's Fitness

Positive Parenting Coach 
Sarah Weller - The Weller Way 

Weaning and Fussy Eating Support 
Alex Thurman - Feed the Brood

Baby Yoga / Baby Massage
Rachel Hawkes - Buddah Buddies