Realistic Gratitude

The constant barrage of "enjoy every moment, they're only little for such a short time", "be grateful for what you have" or "count your blessings" can make you feel guilty for struggling. For finding it hard. For wanting a break and mourning your pre-kid life (like most Sunday afternoons, when I'd love a nap and a movie on the sofa).  I very much disagree with the old "they're only little for the blink of an eye" statement by the way. The first year of my eldest's life was the longest I've ever lived through. Possibly because we were up so much. Time did not fly. And I did not enjoy every minute. In fact, I didn't enjoy many minutes at all. And a year is a bloody long time! Does that mean I was ungrateful though? Resentful, yes. Ungrateful, no. I am simply not a fan of the baby stage and that's that. And that's fine. Nothing wrong with that at all. 

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