Raise Up Mums Club - your post motherhood re-boot.

A 6 month online program and community.

Do you wake up in the morning to the shouts and demands of your children and you have no clue how you'll get to the end of the day? Let alone the end of the to do list? Do you lose your temper easily and find yourself shouting far more than you'd like? Are you frustrated by the lack of time for yourself, but when you do have some, you don't even know what to do with yourself? What would your day look like if you felt more calm and capable? Wouldn't it be nice not to feel resentful all the time? And not feel overwhelmed by every tiny decision, tantrum and change of plans.

How reassuring would it feel to have a tailored toolkit of doable self care and stress management tricks up your sleeve to help you cope in the roughest moments?
Imagine for a minute feeling comfortable with who you are as a person, as a mum and with the way your life is right now. And with a clear vision of where you'd like to be headed.

During this real-life paced, 6 month post motherhood re-boot you'll be guided through ways of working out where your priorities and values lie in this particular season in your life - because once you know that, you'll also know what you can focus on less or let go of completely (ironing anyone?). Through this you'll also be better ale to understand which types of self care and stress management will work for you - and you'll be given ALL the tools to choose from for your personal arsenal.
We'll also be working on some mighty mindset shifts around motherhood and everything it brings with it, through tiny actions that will see you coping with even the most hectic of days.

At the end of this online course you'll find yourself being able to make decisions with ease and without overwhelm. And a lot of the resentment and guilt around aspects of motherhood will have shifted.

I feel super passionately about mums not losing themselves in/to motherhood, because that was me just a few years ago. After child number 1 I basically sacrificed myself completely to motherhood, because it was the only way I felt I could deal with the enormity of of it all, and to keep my anxiety at bay. When child number 2 arrived I thought it would be different because I knew what to expect a little more, but found myself feeling resentful and overwhelmed, burnt out and shouting all the time. After a year of this I decided enough was enough and that it was time to put myself back together. I started researching self care and wellbeing tips that are realistic for mums (unlike the "sleep 8 hours, meditate for 30 minutes, take a long bath" sort of advice that is the norm) and in this course you'll be introduced to all of the tools that have helped me, and others, in the process.

The 6 month online course will include:
* 6 months of self development, mindset shifts, self care and resilience tools - broken down into monthly themes with easy and doable, yet supper effective steps, with plenty of time for new learnings to nestle themselves comfortably into your life.
* Tailored self care toolkit for any occasion (or crisis)
*Self kindness and compassion tools that will firmly re-instate you as your own best friend and greatest advocate
* How to set boundaries, manage stress, time and energy better so you regain time for yourself
* Kick mum guilt and comparisons to the curb and fill that dead space with joy and gratitude (sounds cheesy but is totally true and pretty neat)
* How to start living in a way that feels good, doable and enjoyable in the current phase of your life, whilst striving for where you want to be
* Videos, live sessions, worksheets and plenty of cheerleading and fun (bad jokes at my expense a-plenty!)
* Guest expert content every month
* Private course community for discussion, solidarity and more fun (seriously, there's not enough fun in self development - it's got to be fun).


Doors to the Raise Up Mums Club are now closed until April 2020

Shoot me an email if you’d like to be placed on the waiting list for the next round.


Here's a detailed breakdown so you know exactly what to expect:

1 Unhook & Reset.png

Month 1 - Unhook & Reset
Reassess your values and priorities in life now that you're mum. Let go of expectations you had about the kind of mother you thought you'd be, what your kids would be like and what motherhood / parenting would look like.
So that you can make meaningful everyday decisions that make sense (rather than doing what you've always done "just because") and bring you closer to how you envisage your life to be like a few years down the line.

At the end of month one you'll be:
-Free from any unhelpful expectations you had of your life as a mother and any limiting beliefs you hold about yourself
-Clear on your core values and understand how living these will make you enjoy the life you have now, and move you closer to the life you see yourself living in the future
-Able to prioritise what's important to you and easily let go of things that are not. Bye bye to doing all the things and hello to enjoying more of what you actually WANT to do.
-Implementing your new found skills in your every day life. Get ready for people to comment on how much more chilled out, happy and yourself you are. Because that's going to happen.

2 Your Life Your Terms.png

Month 2 - Your Life. Your Terms.
Learn to set boundaries around your time and general capacity for doing stuff (this will involve learning how to say NO, and it will be amazing!), creating more quality time for yourself and a more patient and happy person to be around for everyone else. Create daily, weekly and monthly non-negotiables that see your basic needs being met and mean that you'll never pour from an empty cup again. Your own batteries shall forever remain topped up.

After month 2 you'll be:
-Able to set strong boundaries around your time and around what you're willing and able to do.
-Clear on what you NEED every day/week/month to make you feel like YOU.
-An expert in asking for help nicely, but firmly and clearly, so that stuff actually happens.
-The proud owner of a diary that has some white space that is JUST FOR YOU. Imagine that!

3 You First.png

Month 3 - You First
Create a personal self care toolkit of things that suit you perfectly to fill that energy and happiness tank so that you'll have lots of things to draw from, besides that glass of wine and chocolate. Speaking of food - we'll also cover some simply nutritional concepts that will allow you to improve how you're fueling yourself, without completely overhauling what you're doing.

Month 3 will bring you:
-Acute stress reduction tools to stop you losing your sh*t or turning into mum-hulk at any given opportunity
-Ways to give you energy when you're having a down day
-Ways to calm you down when you're frazzled and your sanity is hanging by a thread
-Simple pointers towards better nutrition. No contradictory or overwhelming amount of information here. Just simple changes and additions to what you're already doing that will improve the way you feel.

4 Recharge and make space.png

Month 4 - Recharge & Make Space
Maximise the sleep you're getting, as well as optimising the energy you have (even if it's minimal) and use your new found priorities to create efficient time management.
Kick ass to do lists, ways to rest and recover you'd never considered and questioning whether all the things you're doing actually need to be done (hint - they don't!).

After month 4 you'll benefit from:
-Having created comforting and flexible structure to your days/weeks/months. Like an invisibility cloak to hide you from overwhelm.
-A mindset mastering toolkit that will give you headspace and clarity for days
-Time management hacks to get the stuff that HAS to be done (read-the boring stuff), done faster
-Discovering in how many ways you can manage your energy, rather than your time to get stuff done. And none of them include caffeine

5 Be on your side.png

Month 5 - Be On Your Side
Play to your strengths, grow the skills you need the most and and change that inner monologue from bitchy to compassionate and high-fivey.
Bounce back from everyday annoyances with greater ease and know deep down and for absolute certain that you've got this. All day, every day.

Month 5 will allow you to:
-Beat the inner critic and shut up that bitchy inner monologue we carry around with ourselves.
-Be kinder to yourself every day and be your best friend. You know you want to/have to!
-Stop comparing yourself with others. Imagine the freedom!
-Bounce back from irritations, set backs and rough days/weeks more easily.

6 It's got to be fun.png

Month 6 - It's Got To be Fun
This is meant to be fun! Inject joy into the everyday and rewire your brain to be a more positive place with the help of gratitude. No cult-like jumping out of bed happy every morning, but a good dose of "hey, this isn't so bad".

The final month will help you to:
-work out how gratitude can shift the way you look at and feel about things
-Find fun and enjoyment in the everyday and rediscover what lights you up
-Reframe the bits of motherhood you're not so keen on so that you can move through them without wanting to claw your eyes out


Doors to the Raise Up Mums Club are now closed until April 2020

Shoot me an email if you’d like to join the waiting list


If you’re intrigued by the above but not quite sure, do shoot me a message with any questions. I’ve also tried to anticipate a few of them below:

Who this course is for:
Anyone who is fed up with slipping down the list of priorities time and time again, ready to make a long lasting change.
Anyone ready to re-discover who they are, now that they're a mum. Things have changed, sure, but that only means you can re-emerge with greater clarity around what's important and really rock the next phase of your life.

Who it's not for:
Anyone with tiny babies. I would say get through the first year first before launching into any sort of self development journey. The brain fog, the sleep deprivation, the endless demands....make it so hard to concentrate on yourself for more than a second. Enjoy the Raise Up Mums Community, my workshops or the Raise Up Mums Resilience Cards for a while longer instead - this program will loop back round in no time and you can jump on it next time round.

Frequently asked Qs:
Will it take a long time to read through the course content and complete any exercises?
No it won’t. Some weeks will be more intense than others in terms of your involvement, but it won’t ever take long. All the content will be hosted in a closed FB group, so you don’t have to log into any special platforms of sift through your emails to find it.
You can work through everything in your own time with no rush whatsoever (although I’ll be encouraging you of course!) .

Will the course content be available after the 6 months?
You’re welcome to stay in the group once you become a RuMC graduate, and there’ll be a special reduced rate for all graduates. This will mean you’ll still have access to all resources, which may also get updated and refreshed, and you’d be able to mentor the next set of mums working through the program.

Will I get to ask questions about my own personal circumstances?
We’ll have introductions at the start of the course but it’s entirely up to you how much you’d like to share. You’re more than welcome to share your personal circumstances around each topic, so that I (and your fellow RuM Clubbers) can best support you and come up with solutions and things to try.

Is this course only for people who have young kids?
Absolutely not. It’s for anyone who would like to claw their way up the priority list and gain some clarity and calm about their current life and future.
I often write about what I know, which is being a mum to 2 young girls, but the tools I share are absolutely universal to mums at any stage.