Helping overwhelmed and time starved mums regain calm and capability through realistic self care and stress management tools.
Adjusting to motherhood by reconnecting with yourself.

It should be possible to be open about how hard being a mum can be without fear of judgement, and to have support available that helps with the transition into motherhood. Advice that enables mums to care for themselves, as well as her family, without it feeling like an extra thing that has to be ticked off the to do list, or something to feel guilty about.
Raise up Mums was created to provide realistic wellbeing resources for mums who don't have extra hours in the day to look after themselves (so that's all of us, yes?). 
On this website and through the products and services I provide you'll find actionable advice on:

  • simple self care

  • effective stress reduction

  • a resilient mindset

Simple but powerful tools, that aim to have you feeling calmer, more capable and more you.
All based on the understanding that time is precious but that YOU MATTER and that you deserve to take care of yourself. Even, and especially, as a mother when it seems all you do is give, give and give some more. When life is relentless and sleep and alone time are as rare as unicorn tears. 

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A 1.5 hour self care and yoga workshop to celebrate the brilliant things about motherhood, the positive changes it's brought (even if they're only positive in hindsight....) and re-frame aspects of being a mum that might not hold so much positivity and fun. We'll also talk about how important it is to add more joy to your everyday life and what that might look like.

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Nourished Mums Care Cards

Realistic Self Care
for Mums

Put a stop to putting yourself last and thrive, rather than just survive in motherhood.

A deck of 50 cards, designed to provide a broad toolkit of physical self care and mindset tools to choose from, that will see you through the most frazzled and sleep deprived days (or months….) of parenting. All actionable withing your mothering day, without the need to add any extras onto your to do list. Because let’s face it, that’s already long enough.
The front of each card shows a short prompt, and the back some more detailed information or instructions. All easy to read, peppered with humour and very effective in making you feel a little more cared for and valued every single day.
Pick a card daily, or whenever you need a little boost, to help you adapt to motherhood and feel calmer, stronger, more capable and more like yourself in the process.

An essential purchase for yourself if you're looking for ways of looking after yourself a little better, and a super thoughtful gift for a new mum (whether a first, second, third time or more…). 

Feedback from the
motherhood trenches:

“These are perfect for new mums! I couldn’t be without mine, I would have happily received these and nothing else, they are very unique and uplifting in a way you don’t know you need until you have a set”

”I have been using these cards so much in the last few weeks. I’ve started to get into a habit of sitting down with a cup of tea and biscuits for myself and read them as I feed my baby. They are so useful for bringing me back to a state of calm and focus and remembering to actually be grateful for the crazy mummy moments”

”Like a best friend in a box”

There are also blog posts, workshops, online courses and daily gems in the Nourished Mums community on Facebook (come join us!) to provide you with more tools to thrive in motherhood and beyond.

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Things to look out for for the rest of the year:

  • Raise up Mums Club - The Post Motherhood Re-boot - doors currently closed as round 1 is being completed by some lovely and amazing ladies. Get in touch to get on the waitlist for the next round in April 2020. There’ll be special offers for those on the list (think VIP are with velvet ropes, comfy sofas and bottomless drinks).